0 Got A Place To Sublet? Help Greene Avenue Fire Victims Find Accommodations
Following a fire this past Monday at 252 Greene Avenue, building residents are searching for places to call home for a while. The entire building has been ordered to vacate, and neighbor Samantha Bassler says fellow displaced 252-ers need accommodations for six to nine months. Some residents will be receiving funding from their respective insurance companies (although
0 Hear Madagascan Music For Free & Fight Illegal Logging Tomorrow Evening At Madiba
What are you doing tomorrow night? The subways will be a mess, making it the perfect occasion to catch some free, rarely-performed music right in the ‘hood–or more specifically, a performance of Wake Up Madagascar at Madiba. The evening’s festivities will include performances from salegy musician Eusébe Jaojoby, eclectic vocalist Razia, guitarist Charles Kely, and Eusèbe’s wife Claudia’s accordion-heavy salegy group, Saramba. They’re not
0 Construction To Begin On 180 Myrtle Avenue Mixed Use Building
If your normal parking space is at the west end of Myrtle Avenue, consider looking elsewhere–the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership noted yesterday that there would be a few changes to local streets and sidewalks in the near future to accommodate construction at 180 Myrtle Avenue (between Fleet and Ashland Places). Says the organization of the
0 This Weekend’s Subway Service Changes
Below you’ll find weekend subway service changes in Brooklyn for the C, G, B, Q, D, N, R, 2, 3, 4, and 5 lines, plus some notes on changes in other boroughs. Check back Monday to see what’s happening next week. Changes via All times: Fix & Fortify Sandy rehabilitation work affects N and R train service
0 Photo Finish: What A Dog
Snapped (and eaten) at The Smoke Joint by fortgreenefocus. Share photos with us at, add them to our Flickr group, or tag them #fortgreenefocus on Instagram, and we’ll post them on the site. Also, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to our daily newsletter.
Food & Drink
0 Bite Of The Day: Market Salad From Primrose Café
Because one can’t live on purely bacon-infused waffles and crepes filled with gooey cheese, we stopped by Primrose Café (147 Greene Avenue between Washington and Waverly) yesterday to get a sufficient amount of vegetables in our diet. Their abundant market salad ($10), one of two salads on a carefully curated menu, turned out to be just the ticket. A
0 Seven Story Condo/Commercial Building Coming To Waverly & Fulton
Add this to the list of buildings going up on and around Fulton Street–development firm Orange Management has filed permits to begin work on a 78 ft high, seven floor condo building at 502 Waverly Avenue (at Fulton Street), according to New York YIMBY. The publication says the structure will include 49-55 units (discrepancies exist between permits and Orange’s
0 Missed Connection: Headphone’d Hottie
If you take the Q and have a headphone-twirling habit, listen up. Via a Craigslist post titled “Morning Commute Q Train”: We’ve exchanged glances before so I’m pretty sure you’ve seen me on the Q before. You usually get on at DeKalb and get off at Union Square. You’re short (hey, nbd), have straight black hair,
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